Cassette Millennial

Cassette Inverter air conditioning unit.

Air conditioning ideal for offices, small businesses, hotels and shops.

New R-32 refrigerant

Energy efficiency A++, high performance in both heating and cooling (6.1 in SEER and 4.0 in SCOP ).

Highly silent, reaching sound levels of only 36 dBA.

Super energy savings with the Inverter system.

Very fast and powerful cooling.

Healthy air thanks to the intelligent filters.

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Características técnicas del aire acondicionado Cassette inverter de KAZUKI

Is the Air Conditioning Inverter?

Answer: Indeed, our Split Millennial Air Conditioner is an intelligent inverter system that saves up to 40% in electricity consumption.

What are the advantages of the Inverter System?

Answer: Thanks to the Inverter with an algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence, we achieve: Greater control of electricity consumption and advanced energy saving system. Instead of wasting energy by starting and stopping, the Inverter adjusts the speed of the compressor by increasing or reducing it so that it works continuously and more efficiently in the long term. By maintaining a consistent pace, our Inverter technology reduces consumption by 45% compared to traditional on/off systems. The Inverter continuously adjusts its cooling and heating power to suit the temperature of the room. By reducing start-up times, it maintains the ideal temperature constantly. The Inverter monitors and adjusts the room temperature whenever necessary. Rather than wasting energy by starting and stopping, the Inverter adjusts the speed of the motor to run more efficiently in the long run.

What is the refrigerant gas in the Air Conditioning unit?

Answer: Kazuki's Split Millennial Air Conditioner uses the new R32 refrigerant which transmits heat efficiently, and has a much lower GWP compared to the R-22 and R-410.

What is the guarantee period on the Air Conditioning unit?

Answer: The warranty on the split is 2 years and on the compressor 5 years.

Can I access remotely to the Air Conditioning unit?

Answer: Yes, the Kazuki Split Millennial Air Conditioner has Wifi connection. You only have to configure it with your router and the APP.


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